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July 2021: To be a Woman / Sketching Walks /Art Special / Cabinet of Curiosities (video)

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

To Be a Woman

These past years and months, I’ve been connecting with a range of interesting and powerful women circles, from the Women’s Canadian Club of Montreal to the Embodied Feminine Sisterhood to the Thrive Art Studio online women's community.

Many years back, after watching a Jane Goodall video I was inspired to give my focus and awareness to 4 concerns;

  1. Hunger - which inspired the project "Food for Thought for the Homeless"

  2. Gender Equality

  3. The Environment

  4. And Holistic Living

I didn't start an initiative, like the food/care package project, for each of these interests, but some of them integrate more quietly and organically into my life, with less muscle work. Simply identifying that they were of importance seemed to draw them closer.

And now stepping back, I see that my interest in joining these women circles and clubs probably has something to do with my interest in better understanding what the feminine might look like in action, and what our power together might feel like. And I have been impressed. It hasn't always been smooth and easy, but when there was structure and honest communication the amassed feminine forces proved to be monumental and incredibly impactful.

Being a painter I often work alone, so joining these different groups and standing alongside other sisters has been insightful and empowering, as I heighten my ability to function outwardly from the feminine within.

Sketching Walks

I would like to share that come mid-July I’ll be starting to give my sketching walks in the Old Port once again. In this creative activity the focus will be on developing a sense of mindfulness, while practising seeing things for what they are - seeing/drawing as a form of meditation in action.

We will visit some special corners in Old Montreal, mainly drawing outdoors. And explore various ways how to perceive and express through specific exercises. No prior experience is necessary. If you've always wanted to try your hand at drawing and see a different side of Montreal, this activity will connect you with your creativity and help root you in the present moment.

A 3-hour sketching walk is $85. To receive a 10% discount book directly at Otherwise book via, where you can also find reviews on this creative experience.

The July Art Special

15 Entrada and 3 Number paintings have just been added to my website, and for the month of July they will be available for a special price. View below to see the added paintings and click the name of the series for prices.

Entradas: I paint entrances for they represent the opportunity of unknown experiences. And of a beginning, as well as an end, from one space to another. Doors as motifs can represent moments of transition, through space and through life.

Numbers : From Zero to Infinity : ‘Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted’. I came across this quote on a museum banner wandering the streets of Rome, while my mind was swimming in numbers. It felt like quite the serendipitous encounter.

Painting on my Mind (video)

Feel free to further visit my Cabinet of Curiosities (aka my studio).

Happy Canada Day, folks! Hope to see some of you soon.

Keep creative, connected and compassionate y'all! ;)

Verona xxx

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