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December 2021 - New Works: Little Walls and Windows

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Little Walls and Windows

As of the last many weeks I’ve been plugging away at some smaller paintings, that I like to call Little Walls and Windows, and I am pleased to be able to present 10 of them to you today.

Their sizes range from 4" X 4" to 8" X 10". And they are painted on stretched canvases and on small wood panels. Note that a few older, larger works are present in these photos, so as to give a sense of scale.


With the Walls and Windows series my approach has generally been to layer on the green tape and paint in a spontaneous manner, in hopes of keeping the construction of the composition playful, raw and colourful.

There is often an element of blind, intuitive painting especially in the beginning, followed by a concentrated and reflective assessing (often once the tape is removed), as I try to resolve and balance out the piece. As the painting develops, I will go back and forth between these 2 modes of engagement. It very much feels like both sides of the brain get to participate in the process.

Theme and Dreams

The theme of these smaller works coincide with that of the Walls and Windows series, whereby one's home is the centre of attention. The walls we live in, the windows we look out of, the space that we encompass and that encompasses us, the places we envision and dream of beyond these borders... these are the thoughts and focuses that reside within Little Walls and Windows.

Some of the little paintings from this series was inspired by a few ephemeral and ethereal things, like dreams and poems.

In one dream I was in a room, which I believe was my apartment, and there were these tiny spaceships flying outside. And the window, which was a garage door, was wide open and I was telling my partner that we had to close it before the pods would enter. Unfortunately, three entered as soon as I spoke and they proceeded to somehow descend the ceiling lower and lower over head. In fear, I cried out, ‘No, no’.

The interesting thing here, is I had just seen the movie ‘Dune’ the night before this dream and in it one is able to command and influence things with their voice, depending on the frequency and alignment that they are in. So, here I was afraid that the roof would keep shrinking on us, then suddenly I felt a shift happen inside me and the next ‘no’ that emerged from my mouth was not one infused with fear, but one with conviction and command. And the ceiling immediately stopped descending.

In that instant there was a knowing and awareness that I had more power in me than I had realized….that there was something about shifting internally that shifted things externally.

What proceeded to happen after the ceiling stopped its descend was new rooms presented themselves, stairwells leading up to higher levels and realms, with expansive views of green forests and fields and oceans, unfolded before my eyes. And as I continued up those steps I was lead to a living quarters filled with incredible light, that was pristine beyond belief.

I found it interesting that all of this was ignited from an internal shift, from speaking with fear to speaking with faith and conviction, knowing what reality could be and then inciting it.


You can learn and acquire more information about these new available paintings here.

As well you may navigate to the same info page, by clicking ‘New Works’ on the homepage.

Happy holidays to you all, and I hope you enjoy the view through these little windows!

Verona xxx

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