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October Blog - Toronto Art Residency / Art Toronto 2022 / Loyalty Tattoo Studio

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Arterial Art Residency in Toronto - The Ancestry, A.I. and Art project begins

These days I’ve been thanking my lucky stars! After a challenging August and beginning of September, I received the wonderful news that the CALQ (Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec) will be supporting my proposed art project, which will be focused on researching and honouring my ancestral roots through my art.

All my life I have had people ask me, ‘Where are you from?’ My racial mixed background seems to have been a point of curiosity for many. And with some thought to those who have come before me, the question now resonants with deeper relevance.

The project, ANCESTRY, A.I. and ART, will explore and research the kind of paintings that could emerge from blending and morphing (via digital A.I. technologies) different bodies of work, which focus on personal origin stories and ancestral roots.

This new art exploration will publicly begin next week at the Arterial space in Toronto, from October 23rd until November 2nd, in the form of a 10-day art residency.

If you are so inclined to come take a peek at the beginning stages of this project, there will be an Open Studio taking place on Sunday the 30th, from 2pm-5pm, at 451 Adelaide St. W (the entrance to the studio is actually off of Morrison - look for the signs). Five previous works, including Small Snow, Blue Tiger Cascade, Raining Sun, Just Passion and Beyond (click to see their images) will also be on display during this Open Studio. Hope to see you there!

Art Toronto 2022

While in Toronto I will also be attending Art Toronto, Canada's art fair, where 3 of my father's paintings will be presented. I am excited that the UK gallery, Jonathan Cooper, will be representing his paintings for the first time. This year marks what would have been my father’s 85th birthday and so it is fitting to celebrate him in this way. I hope those of you in Toronto will get a chance to see these beautiful paintings in person. There are very few paintings of this palette left in his inventory and I think these 3 pieces are especially unique because of their greens and turquoises. Come experience them for yourself and celebrate my father, David Sorensen, through his art.

Loyalty Tattoo Studio

I also want to take this opportunity to mention that I have a new neighbour, that you might like to know about, especially if you like art ON your body! The Loyalty Tattoo Shop is launching their new business on October 29th from 3pm to 7pm at 5425 de Bordeaux, #221. If you are in Montreal and are interested, then drop on by and check out their new space. Steven Brown is the founder of Loyalty Tattoo and you can find out more info on Instagram under and loyaltytattoo.montreal.

Life has it that this space, that use to be my studio for more than a decade, has now transitioned from a very yin space to a very yang space! Ha! It remains a tattoo studio, but instead of it being run by 3 young women, it is now run by 3 men. And so it is!

The women tattoo artists, who occupied the space as of the last 2 years, arrived like angels in a moment of uncertainty and proved to be great subtenants. As their business developed and their team grew, they decided it was time to move into a larger space. Now, Steven is launching his business and I am happy to know the space is facilitating a new exciting project. And I'm grateful for the kind and respectful demeanour my present subtenants have. Feeling blessed, once again, for the luck that has come my way!

Peace Out!

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