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Numbers  :  From Zero to Infinity


While I was at the Arte Studio Ginestrelle residency in Assisi, Italy, I turned 40, and as a gesture of honouring this rite of passage, these small abstract oil paintings emerged. I had not intended to paint around the topic of turning 40, however this transitory exploration happened of it’s own accord. I found myself placing certain numbers in my paintings and quickly realized that some part of me was reflecting on my 30’s and my memories of the years past, as well as preparing for the quickly approaching new decade. 

With time, the Numbers series continued to develop, as did its meaning.

The poem I wrote below gives a glimpse on where it ventured.


Numbers: from Zero to Infinity

I am a number

Filled with colors and shades

And layers and depths.

Brimming with humors and traits

Like those that you hold. 

I mark time and space

Offering order to

Whatever you need me for,

Like a ticking clock in the night.

I'm at your disposal

To track and organize.

Mapping the mystery 

Through measurement;

An astronomer eyeing the sky.

I embody and reflect 

Parts of the whole.

A kaleidoscope smiling out

From a shattered mirror.

The warrior, the lover, the artist

The builder, the adventurer, the mother,

The philosopher, the alchemist, the philanthropist.

Mix me up as you will

Like colors on a canvas, 

Bringing weight and thought

To your existence.

However, beyond my form and raison d'être

Resides a force much larger and immense.

I am an ambassador of infinity.

I may be here as a separate individual 

But if you look deep within

I am much more than 1, 2, 3

4, 5, 6 and 7, 8, 9.

I am all numbers

I am no number

I am infinity, in a moment.

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