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Holiday Updates - Arterial / Limited Edition Prints / Food for Thought for the Homeless

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Arterial Art Residency

The first 10-day phase of the Arterial Art Residency was filled with nothing less than poetry and community. It was exactly what this thirst, creative soul was craving. Travelling again, getting outside of my familiar surroundings, seeing friends and extended family and simply having a space of my own, was beyond nourishing.

I had intended to mainly paint during the residency, but instead ended up exploring words. 3 pieces were written and transcribed onto scrolls, each one touching on a different theme: TIME, SPACE and going beyond those two notions into the HERE AND NOW.

You can read the scrolls on the page dedicated to the Arterial Art Residency.

And to see some of the paintings that were apart of the 1st Phase of the art residency, which are also available for purchase, visit Little Walls and Windows, as well as Poseidon Pieces.


This holiday, I’m thrilled to once again be offering Limited Edition Prints of both the paintings, 'Urban Nomad on Interstellar Walls' and 'Dreaming in Confinement'. Each print is on archival 100% cotton paper and comes with an authenticity certificate, numbered and signed by Verona Sorensen. More information and details.

Food for Thought for the Homeless

I am also happy to announce that this winter there will be a Food for Thought for the Homeless distribution taking place! The goal is to prepare 25-50 backpacks for the 18th of December, a little less than a month away. If you are interested in partaking or donating, just drop a line or visit the Gofundme page to donate or to view the list of items still needed for the food/care packages.

I would like to dedicate this holiday distribution to one of greatest supporter of the Food for Thought for the Homeless project, Vinesh Saxena, who sadly passed away during the pandemic. He was an immense help in allowing this project to continue. His way of contributing was instrumental, for he reimbursed any FTH expenses that came out of my own pocket, in-turn securing that I would never financially go under while doing these distribution. What a blessing he was!

And he not only donated to this project, but to many projects helping those in need. He established the Vinesh Saxena Family Foundation, a private Canadian charitable foundation in 2004, with the intention of giving back to society. He was, indeed, an exceptionally generous person and will be greatly missed.

I am very much looking forward to seeing some of you in person real soon, in preparation for the next Food for Thought for the Homeless distribution! As always, here's to keeping connected, creative and compassionate!

Verona xx

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