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  Ancestry, AI and Art

Chapter 1: Ancestry

Phase 1

In October 2022, I completed a 10-day art residency in Toronto in the Arterial space downtown. After receiving an art grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec, dedicated to exploring my ancestry and A.I. through art, I immediately embarked on this residency to give it some momentum. 

I arrived in Toronto with a good number of paintings, many of which were already created and would soon be plugged into an A.I. program . I had intended to make more paintings building off of these works, but instead ended up exploring words and not paint. 

3 scrolls were written, each one touches on different themes, that inevitably intertwine together: TIME, SPACE and going beyond those two notions into the HERE AND NOW. 


Here and Now.jpg

To experience the audio versions of these scrolls please visit here:    Time    Space    Here and Now

Ancestry, AI and Art

Chapter 2: Artificial Intelligence

Phase 2

During this multimedia integration phase, my primary use of technology was to blend different bodies of work, using Playform A.I., an artificial intelligence program. Its blending approach mirrors the merging of two worlds that once came together when my mother and father met, paralleling my own biological fusion.
Using this A.I. tool, I plug in images of my paintings from two different bodies of work, that represent both my mother and father's cultural background. This program amalgamates this data, combining the two styles to offer a multitude of potential visual combinations.

Ancestry, AI and Art

Chapter 3: Healing Through Art