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Feb 2021: Time / The Special / Teaching


Even in the midst of a raging pandemic, where indulging in the normal enticing distractions of life is discouraged and external engagement is excused, I have more time and yet, oddly enough, I seem to be struggling to find 'time' to do the things I really wish to do.

I sit in the mornings and visit that space of stillness, where linear time dissolves into presence, often to return to a world that tugs and pulls at my ankles and sleeves, coercing me in this direction and that direction. I realize navigating the internal world and the external world is detrimental, if I’m to stay on course.

It amazes me how hours can so easily get swallowed up by the everyday details of life; from trying to find a way to keep a home in order and clean, while learning to co-exist with another; to dealing with the continuous flow of tasks that the outside world sends my way; to trying to complete my taxes; to attending to art applications that I am forever in pursuit of sending out; to extinguishing all the unexpected little and big fires that tend to arise in one’s life.

Time. It certainly is a battle worth fighting for! For what is this life other than the time we have on this planet. I ask myself, and put the question out there, ‘How will you and how are you filling your moments, days, and years? And do you feel on course?’

For myself, I see tweaking and re-aligning is needed. And so I have begun the process of making the essential adjustments that would likely help me re-collect my time and focus, so that it doesn't have such a stifling grip on me, but instead flows smoothly.


Speaking of having more time, the special on the Entradas painting series and that of Numbers: from Zero to Infinity has been extended, until February 14th. Learn more about these paintings below.

Entradas Doors began to first fascinate me when I was living in Italy, and then later travelled to Mexico. Everywhere I went, I would come across beautifully weathered doors and walls, of all shapes and colours. The symbolism of a door holds so much. They speak of possibilities and secrets. I paint entrances (Entradas) for they represent the opportunity of unknown experiences. And of a beginning, as well as an end, from one space to another. Doors as motifs representing moments of transition, through space and through life.

Numbers: from Zero to Infinity

While I was at the Arte Studio Ginestrelle residency in Assisi, Italy, I turned 40, and as a gesture of honouring this rite of passage, these small abstract oil paintings emerged. I had not intended to paint around the topic of turning 40, however this transitory exploration happened of it’s own accord. I found myself placing certain numbers in my paintings and eventually realized that some part of me was reflecting on my 30’s and my memories of the years past, as well as preparing for the approaching new decade. With time, the Numbers series continued to develop, as did its meaning. The poem I wrote below gives a glimpse on where it ventured.

Numbers: from Zero to Infinity

I am a number

Filled with colours and shades

And layers and depths.

Brimming with humours and traits

Like those that you hold.

I mark time and space

Offering order to

Whatever you need me for,

Like a ticking clock in the night.

I'm at your disposal

To track and organize.

Mapping the mystery

Through measurement;

An astronomer eyeing the sky.

I embody and reflect

Parts of the whole.

A kaleidoscope smiling out

From a shattered mirror.

The warrior, the lover, the artist

The builder, the adventurer, the mother,

The philosopher, the alchemist, the philanthropist.

Mix me up as you will

Like colors on a canvas,

Bringing weight and thought

To your existence.

However, beyond my form and raison d'être

Resides a force much larger and immense.

I am an ambassador of infinity.

I may be here as a separate individual

But if you look deep within

I am much more than 1, 2, 3

4, 5, 6 and 7, 8, 9.

I am all numbers

I am no number

I am infinity, in a moment.


I had hoped to begin teaching online this month, but am still catching up. Nonetheless, in order to offer a smooth running class, I will take the next weeks and properly put it together.

Come March 1st I will be offering ‘Private Painting’ classes online. And a ‘Drawing Virtual Walk’ workshop. If any of these interest you, stay tuned. More info is to follow soon.

I am wishing you a month full of ‘time’, ‘beauty’ and, of course, ‘love’. If that comes in the form of self-care, which is absolutely essential these days, so be it. I wish that for you, myself and everybody! With compassion and until soon, Verona

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