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December 2020 - New Studio, New Website

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

December 8, 2020

While in the depths and grips of this past year, it certainly hasn’t been easy knowing what's up from down!

But, perhaps with 20/20 hindsight, clarity on all that has happened and all that we have learnt from this wild ride will become more evident.


The lengthy pause on the external active life I normally live has been challenging, but beneficial in some areas. With time on my side I was finally able to organize my s**t! Sort through all of my stuff, my closet, my files, my home and downsize.

With less responsibilities on my plate I was also able to create something I’ve been wanting to construct for sometime now: a NEW WEBSITE. And it was a joy to finally get to do this! So, with much ado, I present to you:

It contains most of my paintings from 2003- 2020, as well as videos, photos and some writing on the process of creation and the inspiration behind the different bodies of work. It is my pleasure to share this with you. Enjoy!

I am also offering a SPECIAL PRICE on the Entrada and Number paintings, for the month of December and January, so make sure to peek at those sections on the website.


It seemed like moving out of my dream space of 15 years was inevitable after months of trying to sublet the studio side to no avail. But the struggles I encountered with the new owners of the Cadbury building were laid to rest when one week before I had to give my notice of departure, 3 young tattoo artists appeared, with enthusiasm and spirit.

While I moved my creative space to my loft next door, these ladies transformed the previous studio into something very uniquely their own. Turns out that they are the fresh solution to a long-drawn out problem. I’m thrilled to see the artistic spirit of the unit live on and it certainly is a bonus that they are lovely people and amazing neighbours! It's like having 3 rays of sunlight next door!

If, by chance, you’re interested in getting a hand-poked tattoo at the new private tat shop, Interlude, check them out on,, @molebulle and @_promisjure.

For myself, the theme this year seems to be about downsizing. My new studio space is much smaller, but the intimacy of it appeals to me. I thought I would end up making smaller works in it, but at the moment I continue to tackle large format paintings. It seems that a wall and some good light is all that is needed sometimes. Looking forward to seeing where this space takes me.


Although I will not be organizing a Food for Thought for the Homeless project this winter (but hopefully in 2021), the WCCM is doing a fundraiser for 50 similar food/care packages for the Chez Doris women’s shelter. If you would like to donate to the Women’s Canadian Club of Montreal to help create these packages for those in need, here’s the link: WCCM Fundraiser.

Keep connected, creative and compassionate out there!

And stay safe, make the best of this different kind of holiday season and see you in 2021!

Verona xxx

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