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Poseidon Embrace


This series references the dance that occurs when the ocean water and the air clamour to deeper and higher levels; reaching into the depths of its waters and then soaring upward to newer heights, in an attempt to grasp the sky; that realm where heaven and earth meet in the middle, sometimes in the midst of a storm.


An atmospheric winter seascape is generated from the imagination and inspired by stories of Poseidon, the ancient Greek sea god. A textural mix of wax, sand and oil paint are applied, worked and some layers scraped away to express an elemental landscape.


A dark mass is sometimes engulfed in a textural field of light, a speck of presence in a huge body of moving space. That shadow is us, the individual afloat in existence. The series Poseidon Embrace has much to do with recognizing, accepting and embracing the shadows within.

Poseidon Embrace
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