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Newsletter - Winter 2017/18

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

November 30, 2017


Another year has just about zipped on by at the speed of lightening! If I look back at 2017 thus far, there are a handful of moments and events that stick out as distinct; first off becoming an aunt to the most adorable little button of a baby, getting reading glasses (less gleeful about that), discovering Costa Rica and all of its gorgeousness, sleeping in a hammock on the beach, living in the jungle with 2 dogs, being transformed by another Vipassana retreat, hanging with my favourite teen, completing my reiki healing levels, learning how to code and program towards interactive art, starting a new series of paintings called 'Flash Fiction', summer road trips and escapades to the Eastern Townships with my bona fide soul gang, multi-magic moments during the 2017 Food for Thought for the Homeless projects, going sailing for the first time, AND attending the Leonard Cohen tribute concert, which was absolutely epic and so heartfelt! Was there a dry eye in the crowd? Ouf! Gratitude is hiding around every corner, in every moment, but in these instances it showed its self effortlessly.


I also took this year to mold and develop a project that’s been cooking in my mind for a while. It’s called ACT FROM YOUR ART and its goal is to bring more ART and HEART into the workplace by incorporating creativity and mindfulness into offices, schools, libraries, hospitals, and any community setting. These are the 3 services that are offered:

Take a look at the website ( for more info on these 3 services. 15% of the profits will be donated to humanitarian and community oriented base projects, such as the philanthropic initiative, Food for Thought for the Homeless.

Paintings in a Workplace Environment

An Example of What a Quiet Room Could Offer

A Team Building Activity in Action


If you’re in Montreal on December 9th 2017, come on out to the Act From Your Art in-studio launch party, that will be coinciding and helping raise funds for the next Food for Thought for the Homeless care package distribution. It’s going to be fun! There will be raffle tickets, incredible prizes, finger food, vino and paintings!

And if you have clothes that you no longer want, but would rather pass onto those in need, bring them, and we'll put them towards our January clothes drive! However, we pride ourselves on handing out quality food/care packages, so please keep that in mind when assessing the clothes and things that you might want to donate. Clean gentle-used items are what we are looking to distribute, in particular winter coats, gloves, scarves, hats, etc.

And if you would like to directly contribute towards the next Food for Thought for the Homeless care packages here is a link to the list of what is needed (under 'updates'). If there is something on it that you would like to contribute or donate let me know and I will adjust the list. Thank you, Montréal and beyond! Looking forward to seeing you soon, possibly on Dec. 9th for the launch party/fundraiser at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory (5425 de Bordeaux). Let me know if you plan to attend. It’s a time to gather, celebrate and make it happen!


Verona Sorensen was born in Montréal. After completing a BFA at Concordia University, she embarked on her painting career when she was invited to apprentice with the 'Dormice' art collective in Florence, Italy. After 2 years of training, she moved to Ajijic, Mexico to study encaustic painting.

Her exhibition history includes solo shows at the Winsor Gallery in Vancouver, Artfirm Gallery in Calgary, Ajolote Arte Contemporain and Haus der Kunst in Guadalajara, Mexico. In Montreal, she has also had solo and duo shows at La Maison de la Cultures Rosemont and Plateau Mont-Royal. She featured in international shows at the Pushkin Gallery in Massachusetts, the SJCS gallery in Washington, D.C. and at the Woolff Gallery in London, UK.

Verona's works can be found in the major corporate collections of Bankers Hall, Jameson Development Corp., Lôto-Québec, NCK Inc., Nordstrom and in various private collections in Canada, Europe, Mexico and the United States.

Copyright © 2017 * Verona Sorensen * All rights reserved.

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