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Walls  and  Windows

The series, Walls and Windows, began in March 2020. These paintings focus on the experience of ‘confinement’ during the quarantine period. In some ways, they act as an escape from a hard, intense and confusing reality into a softer, more expansive and colourful imagined world.

During this period, my painting practice offered the distance needed to bring balance back into my day-to-day. In this series, I want the viewer to feel a sense of space, as I build and organize new environments, both physically around me, as well as psychologically and emotionally within me. I work in an additive and deductive manner, while exploring depth through contrasting planes - vibrant and soft colours against white under layers. I am interested in how colours can pop out boldly, while at the same time be soothing to the eye.’


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Walls and Windows
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