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Last Days Of The Act From Your Art Project

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

April 25, 2019

Derniers jours pour participer au projet “Act From Your Art”. Cette exposition artistique mettant en scène des oeuvres figuratives et abstraites de Mark Lang, Gianni Giuliano et Verona Sorensen est présentée au 5364 boul. Saint-Laurent à Montréal. L’exposition se déroule jusqu’au dimanche 28 avril, du jeudi au dimanche 12h-20h.

Cet événement montréalais à entrée libre a également été chaudement recommandé par le Magazine in Situ.

15% des ventes d’art sera versé à l’initiative “Food for Thought for the Homeless”. Un événement qui invite à la fois à une expérience esthétique et de compassion collective. La collecte de fonds réalisée via cette exposition agira en soutien à la communauté des sans-abris de la région montréalaise. C’est l’occasion de donner avec coeur à travers l’art !

Last days to catch the Act From Your Art Project. This art exhibition, with figurative and abstract paintings by Mark Lang, Gianni Giuliano, and Verona Sorensen, will be on display at 5364 St Laurent. The full show runs until April 28th. Thursday to Sunday, 12pm - 8pm.

Was sited as a highly recommended exhibition to see in Montreal by Magazine Radio in Situ:

15% percent of art sales will be donated to the Food for Thought for the Homeless project. This show promises to be both an aesthetic experience, as well as a context where funds can be raised for those struggling with homelessness in Montreal. Bringing art and heart together! Hope to see you there in the next coming days.

The Machine Meets The Ephemeral. As a spiritually inclined person in a world increasingly dominated by technology, Verona Sorensen, grapples to find balance between these two realities, personally and professionally. After studying programming for interactive art, she started developing a body of work focused on spirit and technology, juxtaposing organic and geometric configurations.

Her recent paintings reflect a type of a macro/micro space journey, with machines venturing into unknown realms. The concrete container is as much a spaceship travelling through the galaxy, as it is our bodies holding space for our spirit/soul to exist and reside in this world of the material.

Mark Lang is an oil painter primarily known for his complex re-interpretations of the history and mythology of painting. He combines elements of art historical works within imagined environments, creating new contexts for viewing and ordering these images from a contemporary perspective. His unique use of re-framing and mise en abime creates a dialogue between the old and the new, the figurative and the abstract, the authentic and the fake. There is often a subtle sense of humour present in these re-imaginings. The incorporation of figures depicting people he knows, as well as casting himself in different roles through self-portraiture, adds another more personal element to his work.

Gianni Giuliano does not work from preparatory sketches. He composes on the spot an arrangement of characters and eclectic attributes by setting himself as a rule to oppose to the iconographic incongruities encountered in an illusionist treatment that will situate them in a visually coherent environment.

By substituting for the incongruity of the situation represented, the realism of treatment is not exhausted in an agreed genre - portrait; landscape; genre scene; still life; narrative image, dreamlike, paradoxical, surrealistic. Giuliano creates another scene for the image, where the gaze is constantly propelled by an uncertainty to be solved, by a tension to bear, by the desire to be removed from it. Neither an apparent reflection of a plausible reality nor an evocation of an imaginary reality, Giuliano's works expose the image as the shaping of an ever-renewed intentionality of the contribution of an object for the gaze.

Food for Thought for the Homeless is an initiative helping those living on the streets of Montreal, by providing them with food/care packages. Act From Your Art helps bring ART and HEART together.

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