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My artist residency at 7 Doigts, through the month of May and part of June, was a special and unique experience. Being surrounded, on a daily basis, by incredibly talented acrobats was a welcoming shift from the previous years of isolation through the pandemic. Not only was it exciting to have the company, but the stream of inspiration was endless.


Sketches and Collages

The 72” X 60” acrylic painting that I created, entitled Daydream Circus, is an amalgamation of sketches I had made of the 7 Doigts dancers, as they dynamically rehearsed alone and together, in the space.

7 Doigts Art Residency

Poster Walls and Billboards

The collage elements found in this painting are largely influenced by a colourful, urban street billboard that I happened across one day, with torn peeled posters and stickers, revealing layers of complimentary and contrasting imagery.

Matisse at the MOMA

As well, a visit to the Matisse art exhibition at the MOMA in New York City contributed to both the collage quality of the painting, as well as the shift in focus from my usual style of abstraction to the study of the figure. The painting, Daydream Circus, was in some ways my opportunity to pay homage to one of my favourite painters​

Together all these components add up to a painting that speaks of tenderness and compassion for each other, as we fall and fly through space….through a weightless dreamscape of wonder and hope.

To see more on all of these components visit the blog written on the 7 Doigts Art Residency

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